About Us

SOOK SOOK was established in 2019 as the Indo-Thai skincare brand for men and women utilize natural ingredients from Thailand and processed with advanced technology in Indonesia. The brand shares “A New Hope” as the brand’s value. It found by a man who has a big enthusiast in aesthetic- medicine. He has been in the professional skin care, clinic- hospital research, and aesthetic medicine industry for several years.


SOOK SOOK was founded with long research before it launched. It has networked with medical doctors, dermatologists, and expert team to always give the best skincare for everyone needs and wants. He wants to help to achieve people’s hope by spreading the message from the brand because he believes there’s still “A New Hope” for everyone to be better as a human being or even on their skin. Nowadays, skin care is genderless. It was an early obsession, which people have grown to love even more after learning the importance of looking after the skin and feed their skin.