Sook Sook Brightening Body Cream

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    SOOK SOOK BRIGHTENING BODY CREAM (NIGHT RESTORE) SIZE: 250 ML it contains easily absorbed formulas from Goat’s Milk, AHA, Collagen, Vitamin A, C, D, E as a natural skin booster. A combination of these natural ingredients helps to recovery skin cells after sun damage (UVA & UVB), moisturizing, brightens skin tone, defend against skin aging, and decrease allergy. After a short time of use, the skin becomes brighter, more even, softer, and more refined. It’s effectively brightening skin, and prevent hyperpigmentation.

    HOW TO USE: Smooth into the skin as often as needed. Continuous applications will prevent over-dry skin from recurring. It recommended using it after a bath. It will nourish and restore your skin when you’re sleeping.

    NOTES: If you’re having a problem with super-dry skin you can use it 5 minutes before using Sook Sook Brightening  Cream (Day Protect). It can be used at day and night.

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