Sook Sook Brightening Body Scrub

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    SOOK SOOK BRIGHTENING BODY SCRUB (DAILY GLOW) SIZE: 250 ML contains scrub made from Goat’s Milk, AHA, Collagen, Vitamin A, C, D, E. A combination of these natural ingredients it helps to clean up dead- skin cells, moisturizing, brightens skin tone, tightening skin, defend against skin aging, and decrease allergy. It prepares your skin to get the maximum result of nutrition from Sook Sook Brightening Cream (Night Restore) & Sook Sook Brightening Cream (Day Protect). It helps to remove excess surface cells and impurities deep in pores. After a short time of use, the skin becomes brighter, more even, softer, and more refined. It’s effectively brightening skin, and prevent hyperpigmentation.

    HOW TO USE: Use warm/ normal water to wet the skin. Massage your skin gently with the scrub. Rinse off the scrub off your body with warm/ normal water, and finished with cool water. Dry your skin and moisturize with Brightening Body Cream (Night Restore & Day Protect). Use scrub twice or three times a week.

    NOTES: If you’re having a problem with super-dry skin you can use Sook Sook Brightening Cream (Night Restore) till your skin fully moisturizes about one till three days before using the scrub. For normal to an oily skin condition, you can use the scrub before Sook Sook Brightening Cream (Night Restore) & Sook Sook Brightening Cream (Day Protect)

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